VR Is Here to Stay. It’s Time to Make It Accessible

With the recent unveiling of the PlayStation VR2, Sony brings its virtual reality system to current console generations, proving that VR is here to stay. The Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, and now the PS VR2 are just some of the headsets that people can use to explore historic locations, become characters in games, and […]

How to Move Your Shop or Business Online

Many businesses had to reinvent themselves almost overnight because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Business owners had two choices: take action to change the way they work, or close up shop. Companies that refused to take their company virtual or adapt either didn’t make it or at the very least suffered a loss. Innovation and a […]

Web3 Threatens to Segregate Our Online Lives

In February, shit hit the fan in the usual way: An old tweet resurfaced. Brantly Millegan, director of operations at Ethereum Name Service (ENS), a web3 business, had written the following in May 2016: “Homosexual acts are evil. Transgenderism doesn’t exist. Abortion is murder. Contraception is a perversion. So is masturbation and porn.” After Millegan […]

Best Pet Supplies and Tips for Kittens and Puppies (2022)

I spoke with staff from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco—the shelter that WIRED art director Elena Lacey has fostered pups from. They offered a ton of advice and a peek at their take-home paperwork (you can find copies here) that can apply to all new pets, whether they’re babies or seniors. The shelter […]

Apple Stops Sales in Russia—and Takes a Rare Stand

On Tuesday, Apple said it was pausing all product sales and limiting the functionality of some of its services in Russia in response to Russian president Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. iPhones and other Apple products are currently not being sold through Apple Stores in Russia, and Apple Pay and other services have been limited. […]

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